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After several years of experience in the cleaning industry and as a customer of cleaning services, we saw quite quickly that high service, trained and committed staff and follow-up with customers is the key to delivering top service to our customers. It has proven to be a winning concept. Today we are about 20 employees who work throughout Stockholm and Uppsala based in Solna.

We have the market's most committed staff! All our staff are of course insured as well as our workplaces and we work in accordance with Almega collective agreements. All Stodona's staff have signed a confidentiality agreement upon employment.

We have internal training to ensure that the staff has the right skills and follow-up with staff for each customer.


During our work, we want to have as little environmental impact as possible based on them
conditions we have.
We clean to the greatest extent with products that are kind to the environment. 

Stodona must also: 

• Inform and engage all staff on environmental issues. 

• Strive for the best environmental choice and use as environmentally friendly products as possible
based on the requirements of our customers. 

• Review the environmental policy with all employees. 

• We work for continuous improvement and to prevent and minimize negatives
environmental impact from goods, packaging, transport and from operations in general. 

• Work for increased recycling of materials and equipment if it means a profit for
the environment. 

• Save energy 

• Subcontractors must always meet our environmental requirements.


To invite a cleaning company into your home or business, you need to feel
Trust. To gain and maintain our customers' trust, we work actively to
develop and improve the quality of our services and strengthen our employees. 

Stodona has a goal of having 100% satisfied customers, we get that by delivering
quality in each assignment.
To ensure the quality and that it is completely clean with all customers, we must: 

• All customers and employees must have method descriptions and frequencies for each

• Review quality policy with all employees. 

• All Stodona employees must be aware of the importance of high cleaning quality.

• Own checks are made by staff after each completed work. 

• Comments and complaints must be resolved immediately or no later than within 24 hours. 

• Subcontractors must always meet our quality requirements.


Stodona has strict work environment policies that describe Stodona's visions, guidelines and goals for our work environment work. The aim is to create a pleasant work environment that is free from harassment, bullying, racism.

At the slightest symptom of the disease, stay at home, even in case of illness in the same household.

· Good hand hygiene, wash your hands with soap and warm water when we come and go from customers and use alcohol gel.

· Keep away from others, both indoors and outdoors, and in public places and transports such as sl.

Cough / sneeze arm crease or handkerchief.

· Stodona provides mouth protection to all staff who are free to pick up at our office.

· Avoid touching the face and eyes.

Hugs and handshakes are replaced by air highfive, elbow or foot greeting.

· All weekly meetings are rescheduled for digital meetings.

· Visits to customers from supervisors or salespeople are largely made possible only after working hours.

· We consult with companies about cleaning schedules and job descriptions to reduce the spread of infection in offices.

· Stodona wants to be a good partner and has given ok to perform other types of cleaning of unmanned offices such as window cleaning and other cleanings.

We always have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our jobs and of course it is the same person who comes at every opportunity. In the event of an illness, you will be informed to see if you want a substitute.

Our cleaning services for private individuals are completely unbound, which means that you can test us and pause / finish exactly when you want.

Our cleaning for companies is always 30 days right of withdrawal.

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Trained and insured staff

Always the same person in place

Guarantee on all our jobs

Service every day In the week 08-22

From our latest customer survey:

4.9 / 5

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